It’s been a couple of weeks……

I haven’t posted in a minute because I’ve been trying to get my blog organized. There’s so much to learn about writing a blog, my gosh. What I have done in the working out department is Zumba. And I got my butt handed to me. But that’s ok. I did Zuma on the Wii for 20 minutes and it felt like I had never done it in my life. I’ve gotten different Zumba games for the Wii since about 2010 or so. Back then it didn’t seem like it was so hard to do. It’s amazing how out of shape you can get over time.

I started messing with the settings on the elliptical trainer. Again, I got my butt handed to me. I think I put it up on the highest settings and thought I could just do it! Yeah right. My legs were screaming at me, demanding to know what was I doing. I went from gliding along on flat land to hiking in the Himalayas. I changed the settings back and calmed my legs down. It’s not always good to jump into things because you are feeling good. The body don’t like……hahahahahaha

My favorite pair of workout earbud headphones died on me. I had them for 10 years and I loved them. I, of course, have a backup pair. But there’s nothing like having your favorite thing that you can depend on. I’ll just have to see what’s on sale for the Black Friday sales. Maybe I can come across something good.

I’ve been looking at some more chair exercise videos on YouTube. There are so many to choose from. But I tend to stick with ones that are four to eight minutes long. I want a pre-workout before I get on the elliptical. Something that will help me stretch my muscles. I also stumbled across a video that uses these hand weights that are 2 lb balls. So what did I do? I went to Walmart and found them. The ones I found are purple and they are made by Gold’s Gym. They are made of rubber and I think are filled with sand.  Here it is in my hand.  It’s funny to think that 2lbs isn’t really heavy until you actually use it. They were about $5 each. They must have been waiting for me because there were only two left on the shelf. So now I’m slowly working weights into my workout also.

Going Slow…..Daily Prompt: Simmer

Getting my self to exercise has been simmering in the back of my head for a long time. Sometimes you may want to do sometime but put it on a back burner in your mind and it simmers. Well, it finally boiled over and I got off my arse and started doing something about it.

I’ve been exercising since August of this year. That may not sound like a long time but it works for me. It works for me because this time around I’m going slow. The last 500 times I started exercising, I jumped right in and tried to go from zero to sixty. I kept burning myself out even if I had shown progress. It started to feel like a huge chore that I couldn’t stand doing. So I switched things up.

What I did differently this time was not really set too much of a goal as to what I wanted. I know the fundamentals of what it takes to lose weight; eating healthier, exercising more, drinking more water, etc. But this time I’m focusing on one thing at a time. First I’m exercising more. I started off with ten minutes of some sort of exercise every other day. Then I gradually increased it. I finally admitted to myself what I would and would not do as far as exercising.

I used to really like walking. I don’t anymore. Maybe it’s the time of the year when my allergies are really bad. Or maybe there are too many bugs flying around. I don’t know. I just know, I don’t want to do it. And I realized that’s ok. Just because I liked doing something at one time doesn’t mean I’m going to like it forever. At this point in my life, I’m all about exercising at home.

I’ve been looking at YouTube videos to help me get the most out of my at home routines when it comes to exercise. As I posted before, I use my elliptical. But I need stretching in there too. And like I’ve said before, I’m also lazy……..hahahahahaha. So I do the chair exercises that involve eight or so minutes of stretching before hopping on the elliptical. Man, do I feel good after doing them.

I know I said my goal was to lose five pounds a month. I’m fine if I don’t because I can feel an improvement in my body. I used to feel so tired all the time. And I was having problems sleeping. My feet would hurt so bad just being on them. I also felt that wearing shoes was evil (shoes actually are evil….lol). Well, slowly things got better. It’s funny because it was gradual. I didn’t notice anything at first.

One day I was walking around at work and realized my feet didn’t hurt as much as they usually do. I also noticed that I wasn’t walking as slow and hunched up like before. I was actually feeling pretty good. I kind of wanted to jump around and make a lot of noise of happiness. But common sense prevailed because my body warned me it wasn’t at that point yet.

I’m not eating the greatest. Those king size Nestle Crunch bars still call me every time I go to Walmart. I don’t always answer the call but sometimes I do. But that’s ok. I take things one day at a time. I try to make sure I get something positive out of every day. Even if it’s something really little. The people at work think I’m a bit crazy because I smile and wave at people a lot more. I can’t help it. I’m just feeling so good now.

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