I’ve talked about my love of the king-sized Nestle Crunch bars I eat. I took one to work a couple of weeks ago. I was at my machine opening the candy bar up when one of my co-workers spoke. Him: Hey, what’s that you got? Me (happily): It’s a king-sized Nestle Crunch Bar. Him: What, candy? Me: Yeah a candy bar, chocolate. Him: Can I have a piece? Me: Sure. Here you go.

Now keep in mind this is a young guy who is from Nepal. I gave him a small square of my candy bar. I think he almost went into a diabetic coma because he wasn’t used to the amount of sugar that one little square had in it. He wanted to know how I could eat something so sweet. I said because I was used to it. But it got me thinking. I am used to eating that much sugar and that’s not good. This is, after all, a king-sized Crunch bar. So let’s break down what I was eating. Here’s what it looks like…….

The king-sized Nestle Crunch bar that I love so much is a net weight of 4.4 oz. or 124.7 g. That is 3 serving sizes. One serving has 23 g of sugar in it. Depending on which website you go to, the average amount of sugar a woman should get in a day is either 20 g or 25 g. That comes out to about six teaspoons of sugar. Men should have about 37.9 g or about 9 teaspoons of sugar a day. Nutritional value…….

Now, I will eat a Crunch bar that size in one sitting and think nothing of it. But after seeing how much sugar a person should have in a day, I was like……..WOW!!! So here I am eating 75 grams of sugar that comes out to about 18 teaspoons. Most people would not eat 18 teaspoons of sugar in one sitting. Or even in a whole day. Yet technically that’s what I’m doing every time I eat one of those candy bars. It never occurred to me to read the nutritional value on the back of the bar because……..well, it’s a candy bar. It’s supposed to be bad for you. I just didn’t realize how bad.

After reading how much sugar was in my favorite candy bar, I started looking at other stuff. I was going to get a small box of Jello and thought maybe it wouldn’t have too much sugar in it. The box can fit in the palm of my hand (granted I do have big hands, but still). Here’s a picture…… The box is 3 oz or 85 g and it has four servings in it. It also has 19 g of sugar per serving. This box only makes about two cups of Jello once it’s done. That isn’t a lot. Well, to me that isn’t a lot.

Now I’ve been looking at different things that I eat to see what the hell is actually in there. I mean I would read the backs of boxes and stuff but not thoroughly. Usually, I would look for calories, fiber content and maybe sodium but not sugar. I’ve taken a couple nutrition classes when I went to college and remember quite a bit of stuff from the classes. But it’s a different thing to actually apply what I’ve learned. I’ve only half-ass done things the right way. Like I’ve said before, I’m slowly getting better. Now I just have to get past Christmas and my sister’s chocolate chips cookies. I AM going to eat them………hahahahahaha.


I’ve been working out since August of this year. I work out every other day (or try to) and I can feel myself slowly getting stronger. It’s a wonderful feeling. I’ve also started to do Zumba at least one day a week. I have found that yeah, I can’t really do Zumba more than once a week. But I will get better. What I discovered today to my dismay, is that I’m not very flexible.

Flexibility: is specific to a particular movement or joints, and the degree of flexibility can vary around the body. That is the Sports Definition of flexibility. I realized today at work that I don’t have much of it. When my log sheet decided to slip out of my hand and slide under the machine I run, I just stood there. My mind kept saying, “You need that paper”. My body, on the other hand, wanted to know how I was going to get it. I needed to get down on the floor, look under the machine and then reach under there and get it.

Well……..I finally maneuvered myself to the floor. And I was able to look under the machine to see where my paper was. It was slightly out of reach. I stretched my arm out and was able to snag it. It that hurt like hell to do that. My next problem was getting off the floor. I was on my knees which is something I avoid like the plague. It’s pretty painful to get up because my knees are not very friendly to me. Lucky for me, there was a table right next to my machine that I could use for leverage. After what seemed like 50 years I was standing straight.

That was a very defining moment for me. I stretch before I do my exercises but apparently, there’s something lacking. A few days ago I had purchased a workout mat and a jump rope. I’ve been seeing all kinds of stretching videos and stuff on Facebook and figured I’d eventually get to it. It looks like I’ll be getting to it sooner than later. Here’s the jump rope I got…….

The mat is just your standard mat that one person can fit on. So it looks like I’ll be using that mat sometime this week. I’ll have to go slowly just like everything else. I can’t just jump in full speed and expect great things. I still have problems getting up off the floor. I’ll find some nice videos on YouTube to help me along.