I’ve talked about my love of the king-sized Nestle Crunch bars I eat. I took one to work a couple of weeks ago. I was at my machine opening the candy bar up when one of my co-workers spoke. Him: Hey, what’s that you got? Me (happily): It’s a king-sized Nestle Crunch Bar. Him: What, candy? Me: Yeah a candy bar, chocolate. Him: Can I have a piece? Me: Sure. Here you go.

Now keep in mind this is a young guy who is from Nepal. I gave him a small square of my candy bar. I think he almost went into a diabetic coma because he wasn’t used to the amount of sugar that one little square had in it. He wanted to know how I could eat something so sweet. I said because I was used to it. But it got me thinking. I am used to eating that much sugar and that’s not good. This is, after all, a king-sized Crunch bar. So let’s break down what I was eating. Here’s what it looks like…….

The king-sized Nestle Crunch bar that I love so much is a net weight of 4.4 oz. or 124.7 g. That is 3 serving sizes. One serving has 23 g of sugar in it. Depending on which website you go to, the average amount of sugar a woman should get in a day is either 20 g or 25 g. That comes out to about six teaspoons of sugar. Men should have about 37.9 g or about 9 teaspoons of sugar a day. Nutritional value…….

Now, I will eat a Crunch bar that size in one sitting and think nothing of it. But after seeing how much sugar a person should have in a day, I was like……..WOW!!! So here I am eating 75 grams of sugar that comes out to about 18 teaspoons. Most people would not eat 18 teaspoons of sugar in one sitting. Or even in a whole day. Yet technically that’s what I’m doing every time I eat one of those candy bars. It never occurred to me to read the nutritional value on the back of the bar because……..well, it’s a candy bar. It’s supposed to be bad for you. I just didn’t realize how bad.

After reading how much sugar was in my favorite candy bar, I started looking at other stuff. I was going to get a small box of Jello and thought maybe it wouldn’t have too much sugar in it. The box can fit in the palm of my hand (granted I do have big hands, but still). Here’s a picture…… The box is 3 oz or 85 g and it has four servings in it. It also has 19 g of sugar per serving. This box only makes about two cups of Jello once it’s done. That isn’t a lot. Well, to me that isn’t a lot.

Now I’ve been looking at different things that I eat to see what the hell is actually in there. I mean I would read the backs of boxes and stuff but not thoroughly. Usually, I would look for calories, fiber content and maybe sodium but not sugar. I’ve taken a couple nutrition classes when I went to college and remember quite a bit of stuff from the classes. But it’s a different thing to actually apply what I’ve learned. I’ve only half-ass done things the right way. Like I’ve said before, I’m slowly getting better. Now I just have to get past Christmas and my sister’s chocolate chips cookies. I AM going to eat them………hahahahahaha.

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