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I’ve been seeing different posts from people who workout talking about their workout gear. I’ve never thought about it because I just wear whatever. I put on a pair of shorts that are loose so have I moving room. A loose shirt that’s not going to cling to me. Ankle biter socks so that they aren’t bothering me (socks suck). I wear Sketcher shoes because I have flat feet and no arches in my feet. My whole foot touches the floor. Sketchers are the one shoes I’ve found that doesn’t bother my feet as much.

When I first started working out on the elliptical, I wore flip flops because I really didn’t like shoes. But when I started doing Zumba, I had to start wearing shoes. I tried doing Zumba without shoes………and……..yeah. That didn’t work well. I only wore shoes when I went to work or something because my feet were swollen most of the time. Now since I’ve been exercising, my feet have gone down to make shoes tolerable.

So here are my one of my shirts and shorts …… It’s a cheap Hanes shirt from Walmart that I got for maybe $5 or so. And the shorts are DANSKIN NOW and they were about $7.

 My shoes are a bit worn but they get the job done. I had gotten them from the Sketcher’s outlet mall for about $22 or so a couple of years ago. I asked a few people what they wear to workout and I got some of the same responses. Shorts, a loose shirt, and cross trainer shoes.

The bottom line is to wear what’s going to work out for you. It’s already a challenge to just get moving. It shouldn’t be a challenge to figure out what to wear. Unless you really need motivation, then, by all means, go out like this……….. hahahahahahaha.


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